Parametric Earthquake Insurance | Jumpstart

Insurance. Without all the usual insurancey-stuff.

A $10K financial cushion to use however you see fit.

Jumpstart makes post-quake recovery simple and affordable.

Sign-up for a low monthly price. When an intense earthquake hits your geographic area, you’ll be eligible for your $10K payout.

No claims adjusters. No delays. No strings attached. It’s what we call the Jumpstart Promise. And we think it’s not only fair, but necessary and right.

Get a text when an intense earthquake 
impacts your neighborhood
Confirm anticipated 
Your payout is deposited to your 
account within in 1–3 days

3 Simple Steps

  • Get a text when an intense earthquake impacts your neighborhood
  • Confirm anticipated expenses
  • Your payout is deposited to your account within in 1–3 days

Earthquake intensity determines payment

We’re powered by USGS Data, the leading authority on seismic reporting.

Your eligibility to receive payment is determined by the quake intensity at your insured location, as measured by the The United States Geological Survey—a scientific agency of the United States government.

Specifically, when peak ground velocity reaches a defined threshold in your neighborhood, you’re eligible to receive payment. That threshold is 20cm per second or more in Washington and Oregon, and 30cm per second or more in California.

It’s 3rd party data. It’s objective. It’s transparent. And it allows us to make the payout process as simple and fair as possible.

California coast

Money in your pocket so you can bounce back faster.

Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, a small business or a non-profit-we have affordable plans designed to fit your needs.

Signup is Simple

  1. Enter your zip code* to determine your affordable monthly price
  2. Enter your address and contact information
  3. Sign up for a monthly subscription, which you’re free to cancel at any time.


Immediate Payout for


Immediate payout for
Small Businesses

* Currently serving all communities in California, Oregon, and Washington

Jumpstart was perfect for us. Within our price range. And enough to cover us as a bridge if something should happen. They don’t require documentation. Just respond to their text and you get the money you need.

JamesSan FranciscoCustomer since 2019

I chose Jumpstart because it offered me coverage that fit my needs and the process was easy and the price was right.

TomanthaOaklandCustomer since 2018

If an earthquake hits in our area, I want to be able to know without any question that those first few days are handled, and my kids never feel afraid.

AnneOaklandCustomer since 2019

If there's an earthquake, you know there's going to be cash in your bank.

FrankBerkeleyCustomer Since 2018