Our Story | Jumpstart Earthquake Insurance

We believe everyone should have easy access to financial resources during tough times.

Jumpstart is a purpose-driven benefit corporation. We’re a team of people who have all had to overcome adversity at one time or another. And we’re on a mission to give people the financial Jumpstart they need, when they need it.

A financial Jumpstart.
For everyone.

I started this company because I believe in the strength and resilience of people. At some point, each of us has had to dig deep and find inner resources to adapt, recover, and reinvent.

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the people of New Orleans, I started looking into the financial structures around natural disasters. I learned about catastrophe bonds—a unique financial instrument that provides instant payouts, triggered by objective data. But at the time, these “Cat Bonds” only existed between a government and a large insurance company. They weren’t available or accessible to the majority of individuals.

As a Californian, I’ve long understood the inevitability of earthquakes. And I know that for those living in areas prone to natural disasters, the money needed for an emergency fund is far more than $1K—which is far more than most can cover.

Then it clicked: we need “Micro-Cat” bonds to give individuals the financial “Jumpstart” they need. And just like that, this company was born.

When natural disaster strikes, Jumpstart provides our customers immediate financial resources, so we all can focus on what matters most: rebuilding our lives, relationships, and communities.