Protect Revenue when business is interrupted | Jumpstart Parametric Insurance

Protect your revenue when your business is forced to close.

Many businesses are forced to close due to circumstances beyond their control. Whether it's an official mandate, or smoke from a wildfire hundreds of miles away, shutting down means lost revenue.

We understand you wouldn't shut down if you didn't have to. It's a financial shock. We're here to tide you over so you can re-open just as soon as you're cleared.

Eligible for payouts, even if you have no physical damage.

For event-based businesses, forced closures are a double-whammy. You have to issue refunds for revenue already received and accounted for. But even worse, lost revenue is excluded from standard business interruption coverage, unless there's damage to your physical facilities.

Our insurance is designed to protect your operations as a result of forced closures, even when there's no physical damage. Using a parametric approach like our flagship coverage for individuals, your business can receive a lump-sum payout immediately after being forced to close for any reason.

Payouts reimburse the cost of customer refunds for pre-paid registrations.

Provide input and join the waitlist, so you can get coverage as soon as it's available.

A financial stop-gap so you can reliably re-open.

Refund your customers without undue financial risk to your operations. Weather the shock so you can re-open at the same standards of service your clients have come to expect.

This insurance is currently in development. Indicate your interest, and be the first to receive coverage as soon as it becomes available.

Length of ClosureExample Payout Amount
Less than a week60% of refunds issued
1 to 4 weeks80% of refunds issued
one month or morecustom solution